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Our Expertise

Our success is built on identifying and making available expert skills that are hard to find.

Our technological expertise

ILS Technologies acts as a consulting company by providing skills and experts and by supporting its clients in all of the following areas:

4G and 5G cellular telecommunication tower. Telecommunication equipment for a 5G radio network with radio modules and smart antennas installed on a metal structure against an abstract background in the form of a network.

5G technology

With 5G, mobility and its applications are addressing markets that are larger than the general public, such as industry, smart cities or health.
For each sector, 5G can respond either by reduced latency, or by a speed equivalent to that of optical fiber, or by better connectivity and energy savings.

Cloud & Virtualization

Virtualize, store, access : the uses of Cloud computing (private or public) or Edge computing vary according to the key applications of our customers. Choosing where to store it, or the height and size of its “cloud” becomes strategic for all companies or institutions.

Cloud System Technology Concept on a cyber background.
Silhouette of robot head with immersive HUD interface and lines of code over blue background. Concept of machine learning and AI. Toned image

IOT & Big Data

Data and its processing are strategic for all industrial and economic players. Whether it comes from connected objects, probes or a database, its use is essential and it becomes a source of income.


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Training & Skills Transfer

Experts, knowledge & the will to share

ILS Technologies teams are made up of business experts who share the same strength: their ability to train teams and pass on their expertise and experience.