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TestimonialIonut BIBAC

SNCF Project Manager
1. Can you remind us of the context that led you to call on ILS Technologies ?

We called on ILS Technologies in October 2019 as part of the EOLE project – the extension of the RER E to the west, for a project management audit mission and also to support the implementation of the plan post-audit action.

2. Why did you decide to collaborate with ILS Technologies?

Having previously worked with Jean-François Lhomme, CEO of ILS Technologies, I have complete confidence in him and his teams, so I did not hesitate to contact him to work together again.

Throughout the mission, how were the ILS teams able to respond favorably to your needs?
The ILS Technologies teams are perfectly integrated into ours, and have always been able to meet our needs in the best possible way.

Even when resources were difficult to find, ILS Technologies managers did everything to find a solution and meet our needs on time.

3. Have you encountered any difficulties? How did the ILS teams support you?

We have never encountered any difficulties with the ILS teams because they are very flexible and adapt perfectly to our demands.

4. If you had to sum up your experience with ILS Technologies in 3 words?

It’s simple I can only say two words:

Professional excellency!

If we could only work with reliable companies and people like these, that would be ideal.